Vinyl Siding

Gentek's "Sequoia Select" is the first name in ultra-premium vinyl siding that brings you extraordinary advantages in beauty and performance. The supreme choice for rejuvenating and protecting distinctive home exteriors, Sequoia Select imparts rich quality in appearance and integrity.

Inspired by beauty of our own world-renowned woodlands, GENTEK's "Northern Forest" premium vinly siding is Canada's first wood tone vinyl siding - the first designed to give your home or cottage the uniquely natural look of genuine wood - without the work of wood!

Board & Batten's unique vertical profile design marries historical appeal with modern practicality. Beautifully crafted with attention to detail...

Fair Oaks heavy-duty construction and easy-care features require minimal upkeep. Each panel is solid colour throughout, so it won't chip, flake...

Northern Forest Elite ultra-premium vinyl siding will achieve the distinctive appeal of a natural wood finish but without the time-consuming upkeep.

With quiet sophistication, Sequoia Select offers a substantial departure from ordinary vinyl siding.