Fair Oaks

Product Features

Rolled Nail Hem Fair Oaks is fortified with a rolled nail hem for extra-strong wall attachment. In laboratory tests simulating hurricane-force wind conditions, Fair Oaks withstood windloads up to 305 km/h (190 mph).*

Anchor-Tite Panel Locking System The Anchor-Tite locking system works double time - reinforcing the rigidity of the siding and keeping panels secured firmly together for crisp, clean wall lines and a markedly superior installation.

Durable .044" Panel Thickness With a rugged .044" panel thickness, Fair Oaks promises enduring protection and beauty for your home. The low-gloss finish and subtle hardwood texture will stand up to harsh weather and keep its luxurious appearance year after year with very little upkeep!

Extra-Deep 5/8" Butt Height You may not realize it, but the siding's butt height creates shadow lines that add dimension and style to a home - the deeper the butt height, the more dramatic the shadow lines appear. Fair Oaks' generously proportioned 5/8" butt height will create an attractive appearance, while also fortifying the integrity and strength of the siding

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